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Last week I was part of my second art show. This one was more special as I was part of organizing it, collaboratively with two artist friends Alphacub (Marc-Antoine Robertson) - Musical Artist - and Michael Mangov - Photographer.

What started it was a desire that 2019 was a year do make more art. Whatever that meant, we weren't sure yet but that was the idea. Marc was on the verge of releasing his album, Night Heart. This quickly became the theme of what we'd call our attempt at 'more art'.

Marc shared with me his writing books filled with a wealth of lyrics and writing, which to me immediately translated into visuals and colours. Mike lent his strikingly dark photography.

Other artists, like Shaka Wailoo and David Derkatz lent their brilliant art to the show.

We created an event - a combination of music, art, and mingling of some of Toronto's art community. We were lucky enough to use Matt Durant's Studio for the event, an absolute beautiful and super cool space in the heart of Leslieville.

Art was sold at auction (silent). T'was was a great night.

Pictures of the art are available in my portfolio here.

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