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When TV Host Noah Cappe @noahcappe gives you a shout out on Insta, it’s a good day.

This all started when a few months ago, Noah reach out to me to create two pieces for his newly decorated home, immortalizing pet cats, Peter Venkman and Gary Wu.

This quickly became a passion project as this was my first commissioned art in over 20 years. I was excited, inspired and of course, nervous as all bloody hell.

What started off with just a couple photos of these beauties...

...ended with these:

The finished work - framed and hung:

Commissioned art is such a personal thing, I always feel so grateful when clients pick me to make art for their home. Thank you Noah & Keri, it was such a privilege to work with you!

#digitalpainting #noahcappe #foodchannel #GaryWu #PeterVenkman #catpainting #petimmortalized #torontoartist #AlexDZ

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