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Saukrates "Season 2" Is out!

I had the opportunity to work on album cover art with hip-hop artist, Saukrates.

Saukrates is a legendary Canadian Juno Award winning hip-hop artist who has collaborated with artists like Redman and Method Man. He was signed to huge label, Def Jam.

Photography: Mike Mangov

In a statement to Exclaim!, Saukrates had this to say about the new project:

"Sometimes it's hard to put into words how one feels after being appreciated for one's art over such a long period of time. I guess I was destined to keep going after writing a song like "Father Time" in the beginning. It's truly an honour to have the opportunity to release an album more than 20 years "post-birth" that people still care about, talk about, smoke about, write about, dance about, love about, etc."

"Season 2" is now available on Spotify. More about it here >

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